Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Bantayan Island : Boats of Bantayan

Fisherman alighting from the boat

All for one

Just like the next tourist I go to the beach to unwind, to relax and to take pictures

I went to Bantayan Island in Cebu last November.
With my bare feet covered with sand and my camera hanging on my neck I roamed along the coastlines of the island where the resorts are few and far between, I snapped some pictures for the sake of memories and posterity, to cherish and to share.

The boats of Bantayan Island!

Solitary blue boat on the shorelines of Bantayan

Anchored in the sand

Basking in the morning lights

Waiting for the tides to come up

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Malapascua : Beach Bum

Sunrise at Malapascua

There must be a reason why people go to the beaches, and that reason could be the isolation and serenity that the beach can offer.

So if you happen to find a good one make sure you stay for a while, take a deep breath, enjoy the sun, the sand and the crystal blue waters. I did and it was splendid!

Small boat with floating cottage on the baclground

"The sun may burn our skins and the sand may rub our soles but the water will cleanse our body and the beach will recharge our stressed out souls. All these things may take a little of our time away, but it’s a great escape.

Life’s a beach!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Traslacion : Faith in numbers

As the crowd gathered to embrace the Image

The main religious events during the Penafrancia Fiesta are the Traslacion and Fluvial Procession. These are the processions of our Nuestra Senora de Penafrancia which is the Patron of the Bicolanos. We affectionately call Her "INA" as we refer Her to a guiding Mother.


Traslacion means "To Transfer". This is the event wherein the Blessed Image of Our Lady of Penafrancia is being transferred from the shrine in the Basilica Minore to the Naga Cathedral Church. The procession is being held in the afternnoon on a Friday of the 2nd week of September.

Paddling for One

The highlight of the Penafrancia Festival is the Fluvial Procession which is being held in the afternoon of the third Saturday of September, this is the fiesta day. The images are being brought back from Cathedral to Basilica via the road to "Centro" and the Naga City river. The images are accompanied by priests, devotees and voyadores. A flat boat we call Pagoda is being used to transfer the images and Voyadores on little boats paddled as they towed the Virgin's pagoda until it reaches the river banks of Basilica. Devotees and guests on the route of the procession wave with their white handkerchiefs as the procession passes by.
Shouts of " Viva la Virgen" and "Viva el Divino Rostro" echoes all over the place.

Emotion of devotion

The Traslacion Mass

Of chasing lights and realizing

This is actually a blog for my photography and nothing more, but then since i love to write i might as well put some write-ups on my photos.

Why chasing lights and realizing?
Because i chase the lights, just like my dreams.

Carpe Diem!