Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anawangin : Strange but beautiful

Anawangin cove in Zambales.
This the the place of isolation and serenity.
I went to Anawangin last weekend for a photoshoot get-away and i was awed by the beauty of this place. Tucked between the rugged mountains of Zambales, Anawangin is like an undiscovered paradise, and i hope it will remain that way.

Approaching the shorelines

As the small out-rigger boat which i rode from Pundakit beach to Anawangin approaches the shoreline the first thing that you will notice are the pine trees that adorns the place. It was quite unusual because i am used to palm trees or coconut trees that usually grows on sandy beaches, but not in Anawangin.

You need to bring a tent for an overnight stay in Anawangin.
The place has no resorts or comfortable ammenities, just the basics of life ; a place for fix your tent to rest your weary body, an outhouse for the loo, a manual water pump for bath water and the stars to illuminate you at night.

Luscious pine trees in towering heights

As the sun rolls behind the earth and the clock is finally dead

Beautiful Anawangin sunsets

The deadwood on top of the hill

The beach as the wave embraces the sand

As i strolled the beach front i can hear the wind howling as if a strong rain is coming, but i was told by one of the locals that it was just the wind grinding against the leaves of the pine trees. Now that was strange, but beautiful.

Pines along the riverbanks

The terrain on this place is like no other. It's like a wilderness in the tropics. One can sense the feeling of being in Alaska sans the snow. The river just a few meters from the beach is like those rivers in the cold wilderness of foreign places where salmons and grislly bears usually habitates, only that in Anawangin the river was quiet. It was actualy serene that one can fall asleep on the sandy river banks, just lying on the sand thinking about nothing. I did that and it was splendid.

At night on a clear moonlit sky the canopy of stars are overwhelming. It's been years since the last time i star gazed and out there the constellations are very visible i even caught a shooting star. I felt like a kid again making a quick wish as the shooting star breezes through the sky so swift it was gone as fast as it appeared.

There is no place like this.
The sand is fine, the water is crystal clear and the landscape is very beautiful.
It is a photographer's paradise.

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