Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Capones Island : The lighthouse on the rocks

The Capones lighthouse
This is the famed old lighthouse on top of the highest hill in Capones. The light from this beacon serves as a guiding signal for mariners on the ocean that sails near the island. You will notice that the structure of this lighthouse is quite old, probably built during the Spanish colonial era then underwent many renovations.

The view from the top
One can climb up to the top of the lighthouse to get a spectacular view of the island as well as the ocean.

These rock formations are what will greet you in Capones island.

Upon the shorelines where the rock meets the tides

These small outrigger boats are the usual mode of transport from Pundakit or Anawangin to Capones island. You can expect the waves to be a bit strong as the open sea wind blows with the tides, but then for the seasoned mariner this is just normal but for those who are not so fond with small boats on rocky waters it's an adventure.

The door that leads to the lighthouse

A deadwood on the shoreline

All along the light tower


Right now this Parola is in ruins although the tower is fully functional with a solar powered generator keeping the large revolving lights up all night. The lighthouse is being maintaned by the Coast Guard although i did not see one when i went up the tower. It was open to the public and you can even have a picnic among the ruins.

This in an unfinished building in front of the beach at the other side of Capones island.
It is quite weird to see such a structure in an isolated place, but then somehow it gives a little bit of mysticism to the whole personality of the island.

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