Friday, November 21, 2008

Holy Grounds

I am always fascinated with churches specially the very old ones. I guess deep within me i still have that thing for my faith.
Perhaps i could trace it from my upbringing or probably from the schools i went to in my youth. Nevertheless it has always been my greatest pleasure to capture the aura and enigma of these holy grounds.

So here are a few mono shots of churches in Camarines Sur plus a couple from Siquijor island.

Church of Bombon in Camarines Sur

leaning tower of bombon
Leaning tower of Bombon
This bell tower is slowly sinking because of the soft grounds beneath it.

The Famous Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga City
One of the oldest church in Naga.


quipayo (front view)
Church of Quipayo in Camarines Sur
The white tower on the right is being used every Easter Sunday.
It is localy called "tuntunan" where little children dress in an angel/cherubin outfits are slowly being lowered to the ground signifying the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Church of Sangay, Camarines Sur

This shot was taken inside the church of Manguiring.
The white crosses painted on the pews caught my fancy.

This is the marble altar of Manguiring church.

Church of Manguiring, Camarines Sur.

Just a simple church gate that was illuminated by the afternoon sun creating interesting shadows and patterns.

double crosses
This one was taken in Siquijor.
Crosses of Lazi church, one of the oldest church in Siquijor.

enchanting siquijor
This one is also from Siquijor.
I forgot the name of this church but this is the first church that you will see upon arriving in Siquijor. It is located just outside the port of Siquijor.

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