Sunday, November 23, 2008

Old beauty of Dumaguete

all rusty and yellow

Dumaguete City is part of the province of Negros Oriental in the Visayas region.
This city is said to be the home of the Gentle People.
I went to Dumaguete in the summer of 2008 to explore the place and to capture the moments through my lens.
It is a small city comparable to my hometown Naga City. There were a lot of tricycles plying the downtown area and these three wheelers are the major transportation means of the city.
I also noticed a lot of people are riding motorcycles and there were also numerous motorcyle rental shops in the downtown. I guess the people in Dumaguete are indeed very laidback that they always prefer to explore the city on a motorbike, but then perhaps it could be because of the booming tourism of the city that is why these motorbike rentals are everywhere. There were also a lot of old expat living in in Dumaguete, i was told that most of them married a Filipina after the war and decided to settle there.

At night you will hear a loud siren at 10PM signifying the start of the curfew. and it ends at 5AM. This curfew is for the minors in order to ensure that they won't loiter around the city in such an unholy hours.
The crime rate is low and it is safe to take a stroll in the city at night which i did when i took my night shots.

Here are a few shots from my trip.

The Dumaguete Belfry belltower.
A bell tower; attached to a city hall or other civil building, it is usually named belfry;
This belltower was used during the Spanish colonial period to warn the townfolks of attacks from marauding pirates.

trinity of statues
Dumaguete Church

guardians on the rooftop

One may never run out of good subjects to capture in Dumaguete, be it landscape or street photography. Everything is just shouting to be captured by the lens.

Dumaguete still maintains its laidback ways of life. Even if this city has its own hustle and bustle the people are never in a hurry, everything and everyone seems to be rolling on their own phases.
One of the famous place in Dumaguete is the Rizal Boulevard.
During afternoons people from all walks of life frequents the place.
Some go there just to enjoy breeze, you may probably spot a few lovers weaving dreams, some old timers seating by the benches telling stories, kids and kids at heart playing on the pavement and occassional artists, musicians and photogs who also visits the place.
I was one of them.
Colonial designed lamp adorns Rizal Blvd

Mossy rocks at the shores of Rixal Blvd.

A boat docked at the Dumaguete port.

class of 1933
Dumaguete is also being referred to as the university town because of the presence of a few universities in the area.
The best known is the Siliman University.

An old building inside the Siliman Campus.

the lake
Lake Balinsasayo is located about 1.5 hours away from Dumaguete City.
This lake is tucked in the middle of the mountain ranges of Negros Oriental and can be reached via a motorcycle. If you are keen in exploring Dumaguete i would highly suggest you rent a motorcycle and test your all terrain driving skills by going to this lake. You may have to cross a couple of mountains, endure the rugged terrains and negotiate a few off road cliffs before reaching the lake but the trip is all worth it.
Let the road become your mistress!

morning lights
Early morning shot.
The building on the left is part of the Siliman University and to the right is the Rizal blvd.
Sometimes early morning is the best time to shoot, there are no cars or people blocking your shot. The air and atmosphere are still cool. Only downside is you have to wake up early.

water and colors
Neon lights at the Dumaguete port.

Belfy night shot

How to go there, man? :
Most major local airlines fly to Dumaguete from Manila on regular schedules.
It is also reachable by ferry from Cebu.

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