Saturday, November 22, 2008

Msytical Siquijor

mystical morning

Siquijor is an island off the coast of Dumaguete.
It is said to be an enchanting and mystical place due to its reputation as a haven of supernatural things.
On the contrary i found Siquijor to be very much the opposite.
Perhaps the reason why such stories exists about this island is because they wanted Siquijor to remain unexploited and serene as it is right now.

I went to Siquijor last summer to explore the area and to disprove the superstitious tall tales that is attached to the place.
I was very much surprised how beautiful the island is.
What i saw in Siquijor were pristine beaches with crytal clear waters and fine white sand.
It is a peaceful and laid back island that one may opt to consider it as the getaway place that will make you keep on coming back.

The people in Siquijor are also very kind and welcoming.
There is no shortage of honest smiles and laughter in this place.
Here are a few shots from my Siquijor visit.

Church of San Isidro Labrador, Lazi (Siquijor)
The church is formerly called Tigbawan, Lazi.
It was made a parish, independent of Siquijor on 8 August 1857 with the advocacy of San Isidro Labrador.
The church was made of original stones and mortar with a design that is very much different from the baroque architechture of most Spanish era churches.
From a distance the church looks like a humongous barn with wooden walls and roofs.

the way to the altar
The Lazi church interior
The flooring is made from wooden planks that us quite unusual for a church since most spanish influenced church has floors that were made of concrete or marble.

the crying saint
The crying Saint statue inside Lazi church
I took this shot out of impulse because i fancy the face of this statue.
It's like faith and serenity molded into one.

The Lazi Convent
This Convent is located totally infront of the Lazi church.
Priests and laymen still lives here until now.

chasing the gray sky
A colorful outrigger docked in Larena beach

two for the road
While driving a motorcylcle along the scenic road of Siquijor i noticed these two mangrove trees just lazing on the clear blue waters. The sun was up since it was around noontime, i was thinking the sun will not give justice to my shot, but it did and it was beautiful.

in between
A concept shot in between the trunk of a Molave tree.
This is one of the roads in Siquijor that is covered with huge trees adding a mystical aura to the place.

lost highway
The highways in Siquijor are always deserted sans for occasional jeepneys and habal-habal.

from here to nowhere
Lines in the Sand.
Taken during my early morning walk at the beach of Larena.

shadows and crosses
The crosses of Mt. Bandilaan
Every holyweek pilgrims from neighboring towns and even from mainland Dumaguete go to this place as part of their yearly "panata' or religious devotion.

through the vines
Aother concept shot of a dried tree shot between the thorny shrubs at the seashore of Larena.

Outrigger boat loaded with nets.

here comes the tide
This is a diver's boat docked near Larena beach.
The orange hue effect was caused by the setting sun.

at the shorelines
Larena Beach

Cambugahay Falls
A small three layered waterfalls that is famous in the island.


hauling the day's catch

Fishermen hauling the day'scatch

into the open

Out in the shallows

smiles and frowns

Sunbaked smiles and playful frowns

shadows and reflection

Reflection of end of day

How to go there, man? :

Siquijor is reachable via Ferries from Dumaguete City. These Ferries ply the route of Dumaguete - Siquijor ports and Dumaguete - Larena ports. Upon reaching Suquijor the modes of transportation varies from Habal-habal to tricycles, multicabs and jeepneys with regulated local fares. There are also motorcycles for rent in Siquijor, if you are comfortable in riding and driving one this is the best option to explore the island. There is no equivalent in the freedom one can get in exploring an island on a motorcycle. Just make sure to get advise from the locals about the terrains and road condition if you are not familiar yet with the place.

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